After years of anticipation for a band that has put so much emphasis on visuals since their beginnings, Margin of Error has finally chosen “Your Life in Playback” to represent them in their blood-stained video debut.  “This video is extremely accurate to how I wanted this song and the entire record portrayed because I wrote the script, and I am the killer.  It really doesn’t get anymore true to itself than that”, said frontman Travis Meyers.  Travis has chosen long time friend and director Steve Shilson to help bring his vision to life, “Steve was such an easy choice for me.  Being friends for so long and him being very talented and familiar with my material I knew that he could understand where my head was creatively.  Together this video will be a perfect catastrophe.”  Margin of Error’s new record, “What You Are About to Witness” is a concept record based on the thought process of a serial killer.  Even with the extreme content, the reviews have been solid and no one has been able to dispute the depth and detail of this release.  The band claims “evil” as part of their genre, and many would agree that after a further look it seems more than appropriate.  With the new music video coming out in April, let’s see if the world is ready for one of the most evil and heavy bands ever to bleed from the surface of the underground.

(The images located in this post are screenshots from the new video.  An April date for the release of the music video will become available soon.)


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